Containment of Organizational Costs in the Clinical Laboratory

Cost accounting is a critical aspect of managing a clinical laboratory. The appropriateness of which test to perform is not a matter that can be understated any longer. Reimbursement has decreased and the required expenses have increased. Staying viable in healthcare is more of a challenge as pressures multiply to satisfy patients, employees, regulatory agencies, accreditation agencies, etc.

Clinical Lab Consulting, LLC can help you by providing a method that will extrapolate the capital costs of lab testing from the actual costs of running the practice. Our consultants are current and former lab managers/supervisors that have dealt with this part of business for several years. The advantage of using CLC is because we understand most laboratories do not have a cost accounting system in place and much of the oversight is done by those that have not been formally trained in accounting principles. Our team can break it down into a per test expense and show you what your reimbursement will amount to.