About Us

 About us

Clinical Lab Consulting (CLC) is a consulting company that provides clinical and technical laboratory consulting services to the clinical laboratory scientific community.


Overview of Our Company

Diagnostic Clinical laboratory testing is a major tool that physicians use to establish diagnosis and treat disease.  Providing clinical laboratory services has become highly complex and expensive for laboratory diagnostic institutions.  In addition, the competition in this field has lead to difficulties for many clinical labs to maintain their quality of service, which directly impacts their business.  CLC is positioned to provide services that will help laboratories in providing quality clinical diagnostic laboratory services to their clients, and increase economical profitability.  CLC can help laboratories achieve this goal through its consultants that are experts in this field.


How Clinical Lab Consulting can Help Your Laboratory

CLC offers technical and clinical consulting laboratory services, training services in all clinical laboratory specialties including regulatory, managerial and financial services. Consulting services are provided to all types of clinical laboratories including governmental, academia, hospital, reference and physician laboratories.  In addition, CLC provides services to regulatory governmental and non-governmental agencies, to laboratory manufacturers that are involved in production of laboratory products, as well as to marketing and financial institutions involved in financing and investing laboratory businesses.  CLC will provide services through their members/consultants who are specialized and certified in all laboratory disciplines (services).

CLC provides consulting services to:

  • Hospital and Reference Clinical Laboratories
  • Physician Office Laboratories
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Device Manufactures
  • Financial Institutions
  • Marketing Research Agencies